Knock It Off Clocks

I was recently in a classroom where I was asked to show some time games to the students.

The first game I showed was Mr. Wolf is Upside Down. Students arrange the cards 1-12 in a clock pattern on a flat surface. They then roll a 12 sided die and try and guess where that number will be on the clock. The child flips over a number and if they get the right one, they get to keep that card as a point. If they get the wrong number, they put it back.

Next, we played Combo Mr. Wold. Students again arrange the cards 1-12 in a clock pattern on a flat surface. Then they roll a 12 sided die and use that as their target number. Students must try and do a math operation with any of the cards on the table to remove them. For example; if I rolled a 6, then I could just remove the 6, but I would be much more canny if I removed 9-3= 6 as I could then remove the 9 and the 3 card. My partner then rolls the die, and gets 5 as a target number, they can't do 9- 4 as the 9 is already gone but they could easily do 10-5 or 3+2 or whatever other combination there they wanted. I love that this game works the concept of a clock but also reinforces addition and subtraction.

Finally, the third game we tried to play was Knock It Off Clocks. I had slaved the night before on my computer to create a beautiful board game and was all ready to go. Up and behold, as I'm explaining the game to the students, something didn't feel right. The teacher also seemed puzzled. Suddenly we both realized that I had reversed the hands on my clock. Oops! Time to ditch that game and go with Plan B! However, in the meantime, I've gone back to that game board and done it with my eyes wide open in the daytime instead of while watching tv at 9:00 at night and here is the updated board as well as directions on how to play.
Download file "Knock It Off Clocks.pdf"