Appy Hour- 3 C's

A fabulous colleague of mine; Wendy and I spent part of the summer researching a couple of key apps that we wanted to share with our teachers that would have the potential to be used in a variety of subjects. We wanted to ensure that the focus was on what we wanted to do with our students, and not on the apps themselves so we structured them into the 3 C's. Create, being the one we wanted to achieve most frequently. Collaborate being one we wanted our students to be able to do. Finally, consume, because sometimes we just need the information before we can go any further.

We shared this list at a few different venues this summer with our summer appy hours but we have also shared it in some of our schools throughout the year as well as teachers were keen to learn more. I'm sharing it here so that you can investigate on your own if you're interested. Or if you're in an ETSB school, call Wendy or myself and we'll be happy to come and work with you.

Download file "Appy Hour 3 C’s.pdf"