Geometry Attributes

Geometry is one of my favorite math concepts to teach because even your students who don't feel confident in math don't feel so anxious as geometry is more spatial than numeric.

Geometric attributes, however, are one of those tricky things for students to remember. What's the difference between an edge and vertices again? Or a face? For some of our students the vocabulary is simple but for other students it's a real struggle.

I've found the best way to review a concept that students struggle with is with a repetitive game. In the reality of our classrooms we don't always have a chance to teach new rules to new games, so I took an old stand by, math war, and added a geometry twist so that your students can quickly understand how to play and get started right away.

Students start by sharing the 3D shapes (see picture above), and then they spin the spinner to decide which geometric attribute will they be battling it out for.

Finally, students finish it up like regular war by comparing their two cards and then giving the winning player both cards.

Here's the link to the FREE download. I hope it's helpful in your classroom.
Download file "Geometric Attribute War.pdf"