Triangles Chutes and Ladders

Today Cheryl (my wonderful colleague) and I met to work on a workshop that we're co-hosting next week. One of the activities that we came up with was Triangles Chutes and Ladders. We were inspired by the game "Travel Around the Triangle" by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. She blogs about her game here. (She also offers a free download if you'd like to check it out!)

We loved her idea but wanted to take away some of the visual cues to really focus on the vocabulary of the different types of triangles for our cycle 3 learners. (We didn't want students just to look at the picture on the die and match it to the picture on the board game. We also wanted to introduce an element of luck so we threw in some chutes and ladders.

I quickly typed up the instructions while Cheryl put together the board game and BAM, here it is.
Download file "Triangle Chutes and Ladders.pdf"

We'll be sharing it at the workshop next week but if you're here than you get it a week early! (See what being a loyal blog follower does sometimes?)