STEM Workshop

I work with a wonderful colleague who is constantly inspiring me to try new things and challenge students to learn more. We recently had the opportunity to co-present at STEM in Laval last week. Although we don't get to work together on a daily basis we have great chemistry (or so we were told!) Cheryl and I were discussing how much our students struggle with the volume of vocabulary words in geometry. (Did you catch that pun? My sec 4 EH teacher would be proud of me!)

So we came up with the idea to combine one of my favorite games (Go Fish) with all the vocabulary terms that our cycle 2 and 3 students need to know in geometry. All of the words are together in one file but please feel free to pull out terms that you have not covered yet and add them in as you do. You could also look at the words as themes (ex: triangles, angles, etc.)

Here is the handout that Cheryl labored over for hours. You're lucky she's such a sweetie and is willing to share this free rather than post it on TPT and charge you $5.00 for it.
Download file "Geometry Go Fish Cycle 3.pdf"

The file is created so that the cards are exactly the same size as a deck of cards. I printed them two to a page to save myself some photocopying and laminating but it's totally up to you which option you prefer.