Energy Resources

    Energy is a blast to teach.

    We had so much fun building solar pool heaters, wind powered sailboats, etc.

    Here are the awesome resources that I used that I cannot pin on Pinterest.

    Energy Usage Calculator: Always a great beginning to an energy unit. How much do you use?

    Alliant Energy Kids: A nice quick run down of each of the different types of energy. Student friendly. Some fun facts.

    Infinite Power Lesson Plans: Yes, heavily sponsored but some good resources non the less and very grade level specific depending on the depth you want to go into.

    Solar Energy Experiments for Kids: I believe the title says it all!

    Wind Energy Lab: I remember Megan, Marianne and Vanica whipping out the life savers and having us all puff away at this one. This is the lab report they made for the class to complete.
    Download file "Wind Energy- Puff Mobile Lab.doc"

    Once you've studied energy it's good to know how to conserve it with

    Energy House: All sorts of fun ideas of what you can do in your house to save energy.

    Forms of Energy Lesson: This lesson focuses on the different forms of energy (light, heat, etc.) and is great for a concept that can be very tricky to teach. We also did some fun labs to help contextualize this concept. Here they are.
    Download file "forms of energy experiments.doc"