Number Patterns- Roll The Dice

    One day last week I spent part of my day in a grade 2 classroom going over pattern rules. I had the student of a teacher that I know in the class. This morning when I saw that teacher, she mentioned how much her son had enjoyed patterns with the dice game he played in class. I decided that if he liked it enough to talk about it at home then it was probably worth sharing.

    So here's the game. Student need the playing board (found here: Download file "Number Pattern Game (Addition Rule) .pdf") and a couple of dice.

    I started this class off with the SmartBoard and I used the interactive hundreds chart to identify different patterns. (See Notebook file here: Download file "Pattern Rule- Roll the Dice Game.notebook"). Each child also had his/her own hundred chart in a plastic page protector so he/she could color again with a dry erase marker. We rolled a die, colored the number on the hundreds chart, then started skip counting. After we did this a couple of times whole class, they were ready to do this themselves. A few students needed the hundreds chart as a guide when they were skip counting which was fine and a few were able to do it without the support tool. Either option is fine with me.

    I created a short video of me playing this game so that you better understand how it works. Let me know how you find the video and if you'd like to see more videos of more games or whether written instructions are enough.

    Take care!