Show Your Talent 2011

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Live Performances Montage

Showcased Projects

Alexander Galt Regional High School

Alien Invaders

Teacher, Ian Verheyden
Students, AGRHS NXT Club

While my guitar gently weeps

Teacher, Jessica Stevens
Students, Lindsey Pinkston, Sarah-Hannah O'Reilly, Jasmine Herrera-Morales, Caryn Van Zuiden.

Lean on me

Teacher, Jessica Stevens
Students, Vicky Anderson, Chelsea McLellan, Ryan Lowry, Ashley Doherty.

Grand-Papa Roch (audio)

Teacher, Stephanie Brown
Student, Patricia Gamache

Massey-Vanier High School

Lost in Your Mind

Teacher, Bill Jarrand
Students, Acid Infected Butterflies, Valéry Faucher, Kailey Roussy, Laurelle Schartne

Sundry Shorts

Teacher, Tracey Morgan
Students, Emma Davis, Isla Haynes

Hello, Goodbye

Teacher, Barbara Easto
Students, 2009-2010 Level 5 Ethics Class

Trip to Montreal

Teacher, Diane Vokey
Students, Jordan Ravanelle, Mandy De Repentigny, Tyler Leavitt-Perkins

Richmond Regional High School

When History Meets Art, Viking Attack

Teacher, Julia Barrowman
Student, Chloé-Lyn Martel

Macbeth vs Macduff

Teacher, Laurie Hannan
Students, Ben Fortier, Jean Sébastien Cayer, Jason Morin

Racism: Stop it

Teacher, Laurie Hannan
Students, Christina Nguyen, Emily Hubert, Jacinda Boulanger, Sabrina Rivard, Brittany Smith

Public Announcement: Teen Depression

Teacher, Amanda Shea
Students, Kassandra Parenteau, Joshua Balnchette, Amy Hayes, Sarah Nelson

Butler Elementary School (Bedford)

Student Photography "Seasons"

Teacher, Christine Blinn
Students, Cycle 3, year 2

The Weather Bloopers Show

Teacher, Christine Blinn
Students, cycle 3, year 2

Farnham Elementary School (Farnham)

Rap de Casey

Teacher, Louise Leblanc
Student, Casey Gladu

Rap de Krystèle

Teacher, Louise Leblanc
Student, Krystèle Fontaine

Heroes' Memorial Elementary School (Cowansville)

Why We Love Our School

Teacher, Melissa carter
Students, Cycle 2 split

Mansonville Elementary (Mansonville)

The Lion and the Mouse

Teacher, Rachel Massicks
Students, Skyler Patch McCoy, Andrea Marcoux

Pope Memorial Elementary School (Bury)

BBC Animation

Teacher, Céline Carbonneau, Jocelyn Bennett, Chris Colley
Students, Alex Hébert, Dillon MacLeod, Brandon Vaillancourt, Brandon Waljer

Princess Elisabeth Elementary School (Magog)

Hooked on School Days

Teacher, Luc Rodrigue, Principal
Whole school project

Sawyerville Elementary School (Sawyerville)

Hunting Safety

Teacher, Kathryn McBurney Rothney
Students, Damian Côté, Brianna Lowd, Royal Lowry

Waterloo Elementary School (Waterloo)

Let's Meet the Mayor

Teacher, Bonita Burnham
Students, Makayla Darling, Kirsten Scully, Arianne Swett, Kari-Ann Elston

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