Welcome to Ms. Carter's Class

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 School year

    Dear Parents,

    Hello and welcome to a new school year! It is with great pleasure that I Ms. Carter welcome your child to my classroom. I wanted to write and introduce myself. My name is Melissa Carter and I am the Grade 3 /4 teacher. It is hard to believe summer is almost over and another school year has begun. This is another new school year full of new beginnings. New friendships will be made, numbers will be explored, and new opportunities and topics will be introduced. The beginning of a school year is always very important. Routines and expectations are being established. We want to begin the year with success, as it is essential for achievement. Each child should feel important and comfortable in the classroom. I want them to feel free to ask questions, make mistakes, set goals, feel excited to learn and it will be an enjoyable school year. Also, remember that we become a family during this time.

    I would like you to know a little bit about myself, I am a mother of two children, one that is 3 years old and the other that is 5 years old. My husband and I are also business owners. I have been teaching since 2008 and have taught children from Kindergarten to Grade 11. I have been teaching Grade ¾ for the past 6 years. I am very organized and stern on rules, however I try my best to make every lesson educational and fun for the class with lots of projects. I am also a very understanding teacher and realize that sometimes things do not always go as planned. No one is perfect! So, in any case of an emergency or your child was not able to finish their homework. Etc., please send an e-mail or note with your child. I do ask you to please sign your child’s agenda each night after your child has completed their spelling/math/reading homework or etc.

    Positive parent teacher relationships are necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year I will communicate with parents through notes, telephone calls, emails, report cards and parent-teacher conferences. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. (450-263-1612) (Heroes’) Tests are always sent home to be signed and to be viewed by the parents and returned. My preferred method of contact is by e-mail, as I can respond to email much more quickly. My e-mail address is: carterm@edu.etsb.qc.ca.

    The following expectations will be in effect at all times:

    · Be prepared

    · Be respectful

    · Be productive

    · Be safe and kind

    · Follow all procedures and guidelines highlights in the student code and conduct booklet you received. This includes being safe and friendly on: playground, hallways, cafeteria, bus and classroom.


    There is homework on Monday’s to Thursday’s. See homework letter. Reading is always recommended at home as it has been proven to increase reading scores. We read in class for 30 minutes or more during each day. All homework assignments will be written in your child’s agenda each day. Please check and sign nightly, and review the completed assignments with your child.

    Birthdays are special occasions for young children. If your child wishes, he/she may bring treats for the class on the day nearest his/her birthday.

    Please come and visit the school, your child’s classroom, and me during our Meet the Teacher Night. More information will be provided and you can get to know me.

    I am excited to get to know your child and working together with you. If you have any questions, concerns, or info, that would be helpful for me to know, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please fill out the student information sheet to help me get to know your child faster.

    Thank you


    Melissa Carter

    Here's the homework routine for Grade 3/ 4...

    Spelling homework:

    Students will receive the weekly word list and exercises on Monday. They may complete one page per night or may choose to do all four pages in one night. Time (60 minutes) is given in class on Monday’s and Wednesday’s to complete their spelling exercises. Spelling is due on Friday, at 8:15 am.

    Every Monday, I will be sending home a reinforcement math homework sheet to be completed at home. These sheets are excellent, as they follow our math book 100% and you are able to know what your child is learning and what will be on the test to practice for. This is an excellent study guide for the math test. I will check the math to see if it is done, but will not correct it, as I will provide all parents with an answer sheet. Please take out the answer sheet on Monday. Homework is due on Friday, at 8:15 am.

    Other tests during the year:

    Social studies:

    See study guide for each section of Social Studies and what is on the test. All students are able to see what is on the test(s) for all tests throughout the year in September. There are no excuses why a child could not study or that they did not know what to study. Parents will always know ahead when tests are approaching, see agenda.

    Science: Assignments and tests will be written in Agenda 2 weeks or more prior.

    *Don't forget to go to spellingcity.com to practice your words!

    A fun way to learn your weekly spelling words.



    Science Help: http://www.ducksters.com/science/

    Reading and Language Arts:

    Spelling Help: http://www.spellingcity.com/





    NEW! Create your own books: http://storybird.com/create/

    Comic book creator: http://chogger.com/creator

    Math Websites:



    Practice math skills: http://www.ixl.com





    http://www.linkslearning.org/Kids1_Math - a great math site with learning videos

    Science Webquest: http://www.mrcollinson.ca/3%20science/forces/3_science_forces_nature/3_science_forces_nature.htm

    Please read:

    September 6, 2016

    Good evening,

    Over the next few months, your child will need to know mathematical language used in word problems. The sheet attached is what your child needs to study, to be able to read word problems correctly and also to correctly solve a problem.

    It is also important that all Grade 3 students and Grade 4 students practice their multiplication facts. Each week a test will be giving to see what fact your child knows. Every time they correctly answer all the facts, they move up the scale to the next multiplication fact. Attached are multiplication flash cards that your child needs to study. Both grades will need to know how to multiply two digit numbers, so this is the reason why it is so important to practice now.

    Thank you