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Arts Smarts Exhibition by Grade 5/6

will run until end of July at an alternative art space located at 30 Mountain in Sutton. Vernissage will take place June 17 from 12:45 p.m. until 2:15 p.m. Please visit.

Tree Detail

ArtsSmarts Project Phase 2:

5/6 Collective Mural

In Phase 2 of our project, Grade 5/6 students will be spreading our ArtsSmarts resources to the rest of the school! First up, were Hayley and Leia to teach the students of 5e annee how to make a collective mural. Unfortunately Leia was absent, but I did my best to fill in for her. The class was great - and we invited 5e annee students to join us at lunch and recess on Mondays and Tuesdays to finish it.

Detail of 5e Annee's Collective Mural

On Friday afternoon, Brad and Mac taught Grades 1 and 2 how to make cartoon animals.
We ran out of time! Check back for pictures soon!

Dragon by Simon

Monday March 25th Tim and Ben taught 3e annee how to draw a cartoon character, Owen and Ludy taught 4e annee how to make a mythical beast Collage and Tori and Tamara taught 1e annee how to draw cartoon animals. All three lessons were well received and a big success. Thanks to Megan Patch for pitching in and spending recess helping kids to finish. Thanks also to Catherine Mc Adam for letting us take over her English classes for classes 1e to 6e over the coming weeks. Thanks to all Sutton School teachers for being flexible enough to accommodate Phase 2 of our ArtsSmarts project.

Ben's Character

4e Student Collage in Progress

Nima's Cartoon Cat

Sutton School's Arts Smarts project has just begun for the 2012-2013 school year.

Please visit our blog regularly. You will find entries from grades 5 and 6 students, Mrs. C and artist Cathy Cahill (that's me). As we progress, I would like to involve students from other classes to contribute to the blog and participate in our Found Sketchbook explorations during recess. Comments are welcome.

Perilous by Hunter, Mrs. C, and Travis

Below is an excerpt of our ArtsSmarts project proposal:

Sutton School chose "Express Yourself" as its theme for the 2012-2013 school year. With that in mind, our proposed ArtsSmarts project aims to help students in grades 5 and 6 find their passion and pursue it through the exploration of conceptual art. Students will be guided through a series of art activities, they will undertake the necessary research and ultimately conceive of their own art project by the end of the year. Students will be asked to explore their own interests and beliefs and then determine how best to represent their idea; they will have to decide what medium, materials and techniques to use. They will make aesthetic decisions and exercise critical thinking.

Ultimately, this project aims to teach students that despite their youth, to view themselves as "real artists" with a point of view worth expressing.

The project will be documented in a weekly blog comprised of photos, videos and text written by everyone involved.

To consolidate their new knowledge, students will teach an art class to a group of younger students.

Phase 1 (6 weeks): In class research into contemporary conceptual art from around the world, followed by an art activity which draws upon the inspiration of one or more researched artists. The purpose is to establish the importance of a student's own personal connection to the art making.

Phase 2 (6 weeks): Students will team up to teach an art class. Drawing on researched artists, and their own experience as young artists, they will lead a group of younger students to conceive of a work of art.

Phase 3 (6 weeks): Grades 5 and 6 students will focus on conceiving of, planning, and eventually executing their own exhibition. Students are expected to collaborate on a project to be mounted as an installation ( possibly all students work together to complete one sculpture, or each may work on individual pieces which comprise the larger installation).

Phase 4 (the big day): Students have a reception and invite the rest of the school to view their exhibition.

All phases (18 weeks): Project blog, documenting the evolution of the project.

Sculpture and installation art require spatial reasoning and measurement. Research and blog entries will give added purpose to developing reading and writing skills. Throughout the project, students will need to utilize organisation and co-operative skills (for planning during both their teaching and installation phases). Depending on the particular interests of the students, the content of their final project may touch on issues ranging from citizenship to science to … the sky's the limit!