ePubs in the Classroom

    E-Publishing for Students

    PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN - without it your publication will be unclear and unfocused!

    1. Goal: What is the point of my publication?

    2. Evaluation Ruberic: What is expected to be in my publication?

    3. Time: What is my timeline? What is my plan for getting this publication published?

    4. Material resources: What resources do I need to help me complete my publication?

    5. Sharing strategy: Who is my audience?

    6. Copyright: Am I using things that are not mine? Have I cited properly?

    Elements to consider when creating an eBook:

    • Title

    • Author

    • Language

    • Genre

    • Copyright info

    • Cover page

    • Table of contents

    • Style (e.g. font, drop caps, headers, etc.)

    • Images and video

    • Hyperlinks and cross-references

    Download file "ePub Best Practices for Pages.pages"Download a sample pages template here