Bridge Building

    Bridge Building Resource Wiki 2012-2013

    The following wiki was designed to support teachers and students throughout the bridge building workshop.

    FIRST, look at the excitement that happens during a bridge building workshop

    Bridge Building Trailer

    Second, read the challenge from the bridge building pamphlet

    Download file "Bridge template2013.pdf"

    THEN, look at this helpful "how-to" video on the construction of your bridge.

    Download file "Bridge Tutorial3-3.m4v"

    Photo Gallery from Past Workshops

    FEEDBACK on BLOG Please :-) Bridge Building Blog

    Styles of Bridges - Do your research for your own bridge design!!!

    Feedback Form for Teachers: send to cockle@etsb.qc.ca once complete!

    Download file "Feedback Form IW.doc"

    BOOK it: colleyc@ped.etsb.qc.ca

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